This book explains you about how to reserve an accommodation for your stay at both Tirumala and Tirumala to carry out your darshan at Sri Venkateswara Temple, Tirumala through our TTD e-SERVICES portal.


With our e-Accommodation service, you can reserve online accommodation for yourself and as well as for you near and dear ones in a hassle free way.


Important 1:


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To begin working with the accommodation online booking procedure, you must check the available dates for the specific accommodation type you have planned to book the accommodation. On deciding the accommodation availability, you have to enter the booking requisition details for the selected accommodation type. On entering the accommodation booking details, you have to enter the personal information of the pilgrim for whom you are booking the accommodation. After entering the accommodation holder's details, you are allowed to carry on the online payment gateway process for your booked accommodation. On successful completion of the payment gateway process, an accommodation booking receipt is auto generated and also e-mailed to you indicating the completion of the accommodation online booking procedure with our e-Accommodation service.


Please click the below given hyperlinks to know about how to

  1. check accommodation availability dates

  2. book accommodation ticket

  3. view accommodation booking history details.


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